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Pallaksch - Xavier Arenós
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About the work

In 1806, the poet Hölderlin was admitted to a clinic because he was seen to be suffering from serious mental problems. After being declared mentally incurable, a carpenter called Zimmer and his family allowed him to stay at their house in Tubinga, on the banks of the River Neckar, where he lived locked up in a tower for over thirty years. In his last days, Hölderlin would mumble a strange, enigmatic word over and over: “pallaksch, pallaksch”.
Pallaksch is an area under construction, an undetermined place on the border of which we know nothing: a sign tells us which way to go, a cartographic map points to its possible location, a cap with his words embroidered on it shelter us from the elements and a knife serves to protect us.

la intemperie y un puñal nos sirve para protegernos

Xavier Arenós (1968)

The work of Xavier Arenós explores, investigates and claims, from the archives of historic memory, the idea of utopia. Based on the construction of architectural styles, drawings, photography, objects and audiovisual documents, he develops stories on self-exile, escapism, deserting, protection, hope or defeat. His projects focus on research processes with various formats which work like expanded documents from a critic archive.


Some recent exhibitions:

Ubi nihil vales, ibi nihil velis. Galería Valle Ortí, Valencia (2012); Cartografías de la Creatividad, Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales, La Habana (2011); ARCO 011, Galería Valle Ortí, Madrid (2011); Canòdrom 00.00.00, Canòdrom Centre d’Art, Barcelona (2010); El Ángel Exterminador, BOZAR, Palais de Beaux-Arts, Bruselas (2009); After architecture, Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona (2009); L’esthétique des frontières, Bonlieu Scène National a Annecy (2009); Archivo Espartaco-Los Colectivizadores, Espai d’Arts Roca Umbert, Granollers (2008); Post-it City. Ciutats ocasionals, CCCB, Barcelona (2008).

Pallaksch Pallaksch Pallaksch Pallaksch





Xavier Arenós






First edition of 140



100 % cotton; grey thread



S/M and L/XL



All artworks are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.


This artwork is available in two sizes.

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Anticipating utopia. Xavier Arenós at the Gallery Valle Ortí Pilar Bonet


Way too much instruction manual. Nowadays the code of a user programme seems to be the perfect functional language to apply to any occasion. In the instruction book we have perfect literature and a happy tool that saves us from anxiety, ravings or even social exclusion. Even something as rootless as utopia can occur in the form of a self-help breviary that indicates the ways to use the revolution or organise its liturgy. Worrying, without a doubt. We have routinized utopia as an ideological pamphlet at the service of any common destination, without questioning its true capacity for transformation, as the inexcusable bearer of radical and positive change always pirouetting between the real and the desired. Utopia throughout our most recent past, in becoming legitimate has lost the pleasure of discovery and has become converted into an almost mechanical ideology that applies prescriptions that only function a priori. However, utopia is like the sirens’ song in Ulysses travels, more worrying due…

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